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Shannon Beador Yells At David In Divorce Court

Like David said himself: what a mess!

After a messy divorce battle Shannon Beador and her soon-to-be ex-husband David Beador appeared in court on October 15 to amend their current spousal support agreement from $22,500 to $10,500.

Radar Online spilled the tea about everything that went down during the three hour court hearing. They allegedly fought in the hallway which ended with Shannon yelling at her ex-husband in public:

"The former couple continued to bicker in the hallway. Shannon choked back tears as she got into an elevator and yelled at David, “You are such a nickel and dimer! It’s disgusting!”

I don't know what a nickel and dimer is but if it's bad then I'm sure it applies to David Beador. He also told the judge Shannon lied and actually receives $900,000 a ya\ear which means he shouldn't have to pay her any spousal support. He told the court:

“I’m just trying to provide a basis for the fact that he’s using $300,000 as her year-per-year salary when she was making far more than that. That’s all I’m trying to prove here. Honestly, I hate this, and I just want to settle the whole thing.”

The judge even told David his finanical documents weren't professionally executed, however, he blamed it on only having the lunch hour to prepare his documents and he earns roughly $108,168 per month. $10K of that is NOTHING and the money should go toward his children.

In the end, the judge ruled he should pay $10,500 in the interim and the ex-couple are due back in court next Feburary. Shannon apparently remained "tight lipped" and "fidgeted in her seat" during the court proceedings.

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