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Bravo Begging Lisa Vanderpump To Attend Camille Grammer's Wedding

Can she at least do the job she's being PAID to do?

Camille Grammer is set to get married this weekend in Hawaii in front of Bravo cameras and all her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costars except one: Lisa Vanderpump. The Hollywood Life is reporting that producers are begging LVP to attend the wedding, and I'm guessing those same producers were the "sources" for the article.

The other ladies are apparently annoyed that she won't committ to the nupitals and she's keeping the entire production team waiting by not confirming one way or the other which is creating "extra drama and tension" between not only the cast but also production. Camille's wedding is taking place in Hawaii so it's set to act as the big cast trip of the season which means if LVP doesn't attend she'll miss a huge amount of filming and probably three episodes worth of a pay day. The source shared:

“She and Camille have known each other for quite some time now so it makes sense that she should go, however because she is refusing to work with the other ladies no one know what Lisa will do. Nobody knows if she’s going to show, putting everyone on pins and needles about what is going to happen.”​

LVP is refusing to film with any of her costars, except for Denise Richards after all cast basically turned on her. The root of the issue was when Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs but then gave it to another friend after the dog bit her daughter. Her friend then, unknowingly to Dorit, gave the dog away to another shelter which notifed LVP because the dog was registered to her own shelter.

However, like most RHOBH drama it's not about what happened but that it was brought up on camera. Lisa allegedly knew the dog had been returned in the off season but waited to bring it up to Dorit ON CAMERA which aggrevated the other ladies and when they called her out on her shady manipulative ways she stopped turning up to filming events.

Through social media LVP has missed the majority of the group events such as:

Camille's Bridal Shower:

The Boy George concert:

The Camping Trip:

And Erika Jayne's concert:

Following the initial Hollywood Life article, they emerged with a second one claiming Lisa Vanderpump was "stressed" about attending the wedding due to all the drama she has with the other women. They added:

"Lisa probably isn’t attending Camille’s wedding this weekend, which is becoming a tough decision for her to make. There’s a very slim chance Lisa will attend because she just doesn’t want to deal with the drama. The wedding is another example of what a mess this season [of RHOBH] has become for Lisa and dealing with the challenging cast-mates."

They also reported that LVP is allegedly ready to walk away from the show for good after this season long feud with the rest of her costars which is the best thing that could happen because she hasn't done shit on this show for the last THREE YEARS. If she doesn't quit she should be fired because you can't refuse to film with your costars for an entire season and get away with it. Just ask: Adrienne Maloof, Alexis Bellino, Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes, Jacqueline Laurita, Danielle Staub, Aviva Drescher and countless others.

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