Andy Cohen Breaks Silence On Beef With Jeff Lewis & Flipping Out Future

This is fucking juicy.

The Jeff Lewis vs Bravo mess is just that, a mess. After he revealed behind the scenes information about his relationship with Jenni Pulos and posted several shady photos towards the network who pays his bills, Jeff declared that his contract had not been renewed and then tweeted a petition for the network to keep the show. That is a mess.

On top of all this, Andy Cohen also reached out to him asking why he not only was bashing the network but what he hoped to achieve which Jeff retaliated to by reading their text messages out LIVE on the air during his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live. After all the buzz surrounding Jeff's behaviour, Andy took to his own radio show to address the scandal and he spilled any and all tea.

Firstly, he asked people to stop tweeting him about renewing Flipping Out because he's no longer in charge of Bravo's programming and clarified that shows are ONLY renewed after the season is done which is the way it's always been done. He stated:

“I think his contract is up after this season. The show hasn’t finished airing and Bravo doesn’t pick up, even with the Housewives of Atlanta or the Housewives of New York or whatever, they pick up the show after that season airs. That’s how it works,” he said. “I don’t think they’ve decided in any direction whether they want to engage him about picking it up or not.”

He also confirmed that Jeff had meetings with Netflix to potentially move the show there:

“Also, just so you know, if it doesn’t get picked up after this sea\on by Bravo, he had a meeting at Netflix yesterday. He’s desperately trying to get this show on Netflix. It will wind up on Netflix. Like you’re going to get Flipping Out. The show’s going to get picked up. If it’s not on Bravo, then it will be somewhere.”

Whether it's on Bravo or Netflix it seems like we'll still get the show. If Bravo always renews their shows after they finish airing, why is Jeff making such a fuss about it? Obviously, he wanted to shop the show across the networks to try and get more coin but talking shit about his OWN network isn't going to do him any favours.

Andy dropped a really clear point which basically summed up the entire situation:

“If I were in charge of programming at Bravo at this point, would I pick it up? I don’t know. It’s kind of like that Chelsea Handler thing. Remember when Chelsea Handler was just trashing E! everywhere while she was trying to make a deal with Netflix? Why is E! going to want to make a deal with her when she is trashing the network constantly?”

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