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Jonathan Cheban Acts Like A Diva During Halloween Party

Oh Foodgod.

Jonathan Cheban dressed as Willy Wonka for Halloween and made a paid appearance at a New York party, however, apparently it wasn't all candy and lollipops according to a new report.

Page Six is reporting that Kim Kardashian's ass eater acted like a "diva" during the party and was "pouting" at the table while everyone else was having a good time. After he finished ignoring the party guests he allegedly walked over to the bar and just stayed there for half an hour.

Who doesn't love an open bar though?

Of course, Jonathan AKA Foodgod alleges that was not how the situation took place and told the publication he stayed over his agreed committment, through reps:

“Foodgod stayed over his two-hour commitment, took pics with a hundred people and mingled around the club before he flew out just a few hours later for the Catch Las Vegas opening. Let’s just say the club’s commitment was not settled during his appearance, but was ultimately resolved.”​

Who the fuck is Jonathan to have reps? Didn't he use to be other people's rep? Honestly I don't think it's a surprise that Foodgod and his lip injections would act like a diva in public, maybe he was just sad he wasn't inside Kim's asshole for 35 seconds?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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