Landon Clements Defends Thomas Ravenel After Arrest

Girl, sit down and shut the fuck up.

I don't know what hole Landon Clements crawled out of but I suggest she stay there if she's going to walk around calling a known rapist a nice person. You know who is he a nice person? Oprah. The Pope. Nelson Mandela, NOT a pig like Thomas Ravenel.

During the Sixth Annual UNICEF Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles, Landon stopped by the Us Weekly station and spoke to them about her old costar and possible hookup. In case I have to remind anyone, Thomas Ravenel has been accused of sexually assaulting TWO women and was finally arrested for raping his nanny.

The publication reported that Landon "knows" he is a good person in her heart and she "can't imagine" him ever hurting anyone:

“I know in my heart that Thomas is a good person and whatever happened, happened. I wasn’t there that night. But I can’t imagine that he would ever hurt anyone.”

However, that's as far as the ex Southern Charm star would go because Thomas' case is currently an ongoing court proceeding and she doesn't want to comment on it. Thank fuck she stopped herself because who knows what other dumb shit she could've said.

Although she defended his honour, Landon maintains she doesn't keep in contact with him and only still speaks to Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith from the cast.

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