LeeAnne Locken Claims D'Andra Simmons Got Her Fired Off Another Reality Show

This is so juicy.

A few weeks ago LeeAnne Locken appeared on the podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino and spilled some tea about the REAL reason she's been feuding with her former bestie on the latest season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Danny told LeeAnne he heard a rumour that D'Andra Simmons had allegedly tried to get her fired off a previous reality show they were both on which was the real cause between the rift in their friendship and LeeAnne (and her hands) not only confirmed the rumour but gave us everything we need to know about what happened.

The Mouth of the South claimed she and D'Andra were set to star on a reality show based on the ABC sitcom Good Christian Bitches (GCB), however, apparently D'Andra was texting the producer of the show telling her she refused to shoot the show with LeeAnne because she wasn't a good Christian and she wanted to make Christians look bad. Four days later, LeeAnne served as D'Andra's maid of honour in her wedding.

LeeAnne only found out this information while she was in the middle of filming RHOD season three. She claims while she was crying about the demise of her friendship with D'Andra that their mutual friend who received the texts from D'Andra finally came forward to tell her the truth about what her bestie had been saying behind her back for all these years.

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A fan who must've been listening to Danny's podcast tweeted D'Andra asking if it was true she had tried to get LeeAnne fired off a previous reality show and Mama Dee's daughter clearly replied saying: No.

It's unclear if D'Andra was successful in getting LeeAnne from the reality show or if the pilot just never went anywhere, but it's still VERY juicy information and makes a lot more sense when you put this season into perspective. The reunion is set to tape in New York this week so let's hope this allegation is addressed!

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