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Thomas Ravenel Slams Trashley Jacobs For Bad Mouthing Kathryn Dennis

This man is bipolar.

Ever since the Southern Charm reunion I’ve tried to stay out of the Trashley Jacobs/Thomas Ravenel drama because it’s never ending and by the time I finish writing an article about them breaking up, they’re back together. However, this is a very strange turn of events.

Apparently Trashley was on Instagram the other day claiming Kathryn Dennis isn’t sober and only used rehab as a publicity stunt, so Thomas took to his own Instagram account to address the lies she was spreading.

T-Rape posted a random photo with unknown people with a caption directed towards Trashley saying:

“AshleyJacobd has been bad mouthing the mother my children. I totally disavow this horrendous behaviour and will have nothing to do with her” he added in the comments “I begged her over and over to no avail. So hateful. Hope she gets help.”

Someone needs to take his phone away when he’s drunk. Who is Thomas fooling? He was probably the one who filled her head with that garbage propaganda and why was it captioned on a photo with two randoms? That’s the biggest mystery of all.

Thomas defending Kathryn is very strange considering they’re in the middle of an ugly custody battle where he accused her of using fake urine to pass drug tests and only seeking custody for a storyline. Can he get his bipolar in check? And why is he still allowed to walk the streets?

The best part of this tea is that Shahs Of Sunset’s Mercedes Javid got involved in the comments section saying Trashley is sick for spreading lies that involve children. I love bravolebrities who double as bravoholics.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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