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Siggy Flicker Goes NUCLEAR On Margaret Josephs & Other Ex RHONJ Costars

Yup. The Sig is NEVER coming back to Bravo.

Following The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion earlier this year Siggy Flicker has managed to reframe from tweeting about her former costar and arch nemesis Margaret Josephs, however, after The Marge briefly talked about her on WWHL Siggy retaliated by going on a NUCLEAR RAMPAGE ON TWITTER and it got ugly.

Let me break this down. On WWHL a caller asked if it was hard for The Marge to get close with Dolores Catania this season, she said her beef was always with Siggy and once they got rid of the one bad egg, everything was fine. Margaret and Andy laughed and they moved on.

However, somewhere in Tenafly, New Jersey someone sent the relationship expert the clip and the world will never be the same.

There a literally hundreds of tweets and replies from Siggy Flicker's Twitter account regarding this small comment it would be impossible to report everything, especially considering that it's still ongoing, however, I'll give you guys the cliff notes of the juiciest, messiest and most offensive tweets.

Most of the tweets just consisted of saying Margaret has fake storylines, is using Siggy's name to stay relevant and that she won't allow her to bully her and has to stand up for herself. She also trashed the entire show and wrote up a very detailed, extensive checklist of what it takes to be a RHONJ which looks like it took a LONG time to make.

The only two girls on the show she seems to like are Dolores and Teresa.

She posted a morphed photo of Margaret's face with the caption "The Face Of Foreclosure" making fun of her mouth and comparing it to a fish.

Along with another morphed photo of The Marge with the caption "I cheated on their father but that's no reason for my stepchildren not to talk to me."

It wasn't just Margaret that Siggy was gunning for. She also targeted Melissa Gorga saying she never wanted to be friends with anyone besides two of the Housewives (Dolores and Teresa), that Melissa needs to stick to contouring and she now gets orders from someone with 55 brothers and sisters. Who has that many siblings? Who is she talking about? Someone comment below because I am lost.

That's not all. In SEVERAL tweets she also went after Marge Sr saying she is gross and she's never met anyone more delusional.

Finally, Margaret replied to a follower regarding the hatred Siggy was spewing by saying she's surprised how Siggy can say she's an Ambassador for Peace in the Middle East and have so much hatred. And I have to agree.

I was a HARDCORE Siggy fan in her first season. I didn't agree with her methods last year but I appreciated how she was giving us great reality TV to watch in a season that didn't have a lot going on. However, these tweets went too far and for no real reason. It's one thing to attack Margaret but it's horrible to go after her mother, that is a line NO ONE should cross. I guess over a year later, Siggy Flicker STILL isn't over it.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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