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James Kennedy Feuding With The Entire Vanderpump Rules Cast

The White Kanye is in for a rough season!

The upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules looks like it's going to be incredible if you're not James Kennedy. According to a juicy new Radar Online story, he is "at war" with his fellow costars after his continuous bad behaviour, lies and serious drinking problem. In other words, nothing has really changed.

Apparently, the entire cast is over his drunken antics and call him on his bad behaviour and "non-stop lies" all season. The production source spilled that he gets taken down all season because no one wants to deal with the bullshit he brings:

“James gets broken down this season because no one can take another season of him. He is not an honest person and he gets called out left and right.” Adding "It's even worse than before."

As well as the dishonesty, everyone is also fed up with his insane drinking problem.

"James is partying hard and the worst part of it all is that he is not admitting that he has a problem.”

After last season where EVERYONE was accused of cheating, it seems like all the couples seem to be in a more grown-up place, except James who has once again been caught by his costars cheating on his girlfriend Raquel with women AND men. It looks like the conversation around James' sexuality is continuing this season. Can he just come out already?

The source added: “What is really sad is that so many young men look up to James as a role model. By him lying about his sexuality, they believe that it is wrong to be yourself. The cast call him out on this in the upcoming season and he continues to deny it. At this point they just want him gone.”

Who the fuck looks up to James Kennedy? I don't know who thinks he's inspiration but they must be in a straight jacket or a crack den.

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