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JWOWW & Angelina Pivarnick Are Feuding Again

Two steps forward, three steps back!

Just when Jenni "JWOWW" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick seemed to be in a good place, it looks like they are right back to where they started after yet another fight on Instagram. These two girls love a good social media fight!

Following the exciting news Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was pregnant with her third child the majority of the Jersey Shore cast took to social media to congratulate their costar on her latest baby, however, Angelina's message was a little different. She posted a promotional message saying "She's pregnant! #LinkInBio."

Reality stars are often paid to post news articles from websites on their social media and it seems like Angelina used Snooki's pregnancy to get more viewers to the Us Weekly article in her bio, which would have earned HER more money. It's a smart business idea because heaps of people would have clicked the link but it's sketchy considering she used her friend's pregnancy to make herself money and didn't bother to congratulate her in a real post.

JWOWW must have been scrolling through her feed and saw Angelina's promo post exploiting Snooki's pregnancy, so she posted a screenshot to her Instagram story stating "People that do this will never be family." SHOTS FIRED.

Angelina was so close to getting back into the fold but now it looks like she's back on the outside.

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