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Ray J Claims Kim Kardashian Is Lying About Doing Ecstasy During Sex Tape

Why is there so much talk about this relationship lately?

Kim Kardashian and Ray J may have dated back in 2003, however, a few weeks ago he was caught talking about their sex life and now Kim is talking about their sex tape on her reality show. You'd think they'd find some new material to talk about after all these years.

On this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim confessed (or konfessed) she only did ecstasy twice in her life and that was before she got married in Vegas for the first time and during her infamous sex tape. It was a juicy confession but now her ex who starred alongside her in that racy video is calling bullshit on her claims.

Sources close to the BBC owner told TMZ, the reality star was not on ecstasy during the video and didn't even consume alcohol, however, she did smoke weed through a pipe shaped like a penis which is definitely on brand for the entire situation. Apparently, he is offended she said she only shot the tape due to her drug altered state when he claims she was down for the sex tape from the beginning and throughout.

My favourite admission from his "friends" is their rebuttal to Kim's claims. On the show, she said you could tell she was on ecstasy because her lips were quivering but Ray J's "friends" claimed: "Her lip was quivering because she was getting fucked."

It's hard to argue that one.

Kim stands by her claims and I guess Ray J does too. I'm not sure what Kim would have to gain by saying she was on drugs and I'm even more confused why he needs to speak out on this. Sit down and stay in your lane Ray J before Princess Love leaves you too!

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