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Kelly Dodd Tried Her Hardest To Avoid Heather Dubrow At The Gym

This is comedy gold.

On Tuesday, Kelly Dodd took to her Instagram story to let us know she was sitting in her car waiting for her gym class to start because she didn't want to run into Heather Dubrow who was talking to someone right in front of the gym.

She stayed in her car until the very last minute but then finally had to face the music and walk into the gym past Fancy Pants so she wouldn't miss the class. Haven't we all been Kelly at one time or another when you can't be bothered having small talk with a fake bitch you don't like?

The video is hilarious and just proves how Kelly Dodd is literally an icon for the ages. Can we please bring Heather back next season to revisit this feud because this gym video could fuel an entire season.

Kelly hasn't posted since the gym mishegas and Heather hasn't responded to the videos, so I'll keep you posted on all the updates involving this mess.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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