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Kameron Westcott Reveals D'Andra Simmons Text Messages

This blonde means business.

After Kameron Westcott accused D'Andra Simmons of trash talking both Cary Deuber and Brandi Redmond's businesses on last night's RHOD episode she gave Andy Cohen her phone which had the text messages to prove her claims. Andy read the text message in question for the group while a screenshot was placed on the screen, however, D'Andra still claimed she was lying.

Now the wannabe Elle Woods has come out with the receipts to prove she's telling the truth. After the reunion episode aired on Wednesday, Kameron took to Twitter to post a screen recorded video of her scrolling through her texts with D'Andra from April 13th.

Sure, there's a possibility Kam could've changed the name in her phone and wrote a series of fake texts but that is way too much effort to prove a fight considering the amount of detail IN THE TEXT. It's a very random thing to lie about.

The text messages showed D'Andra complaining about having to support Brandi and Cary's events when she only had one time throughout the whole season to promote her own business on camera. It's pretty clear the main focus of all these Housewives is to sell their shit on screen.

D'Andra was mad no one was attending her event, however, Kam said she had to attend an event for her mother-in-law and she gave production the date before they started shooting, claiming maybe they scheduled D'Andra's event on the same night on purpose.

D'Andra also said she knows people whose faces have been ruined by Cary's products and suggested that Bravo owns a portion of the Deuber business. Obviously, D'Andra wanted all the ladies in attendance because the more ladies who attend, the more screen time it will have.

Of course, D'Andra responded saying Kameron was lying because she asked why she couldn't show the messages at the reunion.

Um. She gave her phone to Andy to read at the reunion and the producers flashed a screenshot of the text onto the screen. Did D'Andra watch the episode? Someone is lying and I highly doubt it is Kameron.

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