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Heather Dubrow Claps Back At Kelly Dodd Trying To Avoid Her

She finally responded.

Following Kelly Dodd taking to her Instagram story to film herself trying to avoid Heather Dubrow who was standing outside her gym, Fancy Pants finally responded on her podcast and gave her opinion on the hilarious video that went viral earlier this week.

According to Heather on her podcast, Heather Dubrow's World, which I'm surprised still has any listeners, the former reality star said she was unaware she had a beef with Kelly and just rambled on about how she's flattered to have someone be so obsessed with her. Um, she didn't want to see you at the gym because she doesn't like you. What part of that is an obsession? Heather stated:

“First of all, apparently we have a feud. Can you have a feud if only one of you is feuding? I think the only way you can have a feud by yourself is if you have multiple personalities. How can you have a feud if we aren’t feuding?”

She said she hasn't been on the show in two years so she doesn't understand Kelly talking about her and said their relationship was "copacetic" after Kelly apologised for saying Terry Dubrow killed people on the operating table on WWHL last year.

Heather also explained the entire situation at the gym on her end saying:

“In the light of day, in the parking lot of Orange Theory, this grown woman, this mother is sitting in the car filming me and my friend Sarah because we’re standing outside Orange Theory talking,” Heather shared. “I’m not blocking the door. I haven’t barricaded it. She didn’t want to run into me because she didn’t want to say, ‘Hi’?” Maybe I should be flattered that she is obsessed with me or wants to make a thing because clearly, you’re not going to make a video and post it and say my name seven times. You want me to see it, right? Okay, Kelly I saw it! Thanks for the laughs,” she said. “It’s so weird.”

All she did was continue to ramble about Kelly being "obsessed" with her and told her to watch Frozen and let it go. Heather probably creamed her fancy pants when she heard about this video because it gave her something to talk about other than showing one room of her house on Youtube every week. Watch her talk about the situation in the video below:

After fans started reacting to Heather's clapback, Kelly took to Instagram and shaded her AGAIN saying she's thirsty, comments on drama but pretends to be above it and ended by saying she's relevant and Heather Dubrow is not. Wow. We really need to get her back on this show and let this feud evolve.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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