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JWOWW Filed Restraining Order Against Husband Roger Mathews Amid Divorce

They are too good for this mess!

Just when the drama on this season of Jersey Shore was finally winding down on TV, the stars of the show - or adjacent stars of the show kept the drama going off-screen and it's really devastating.

Roger Mathews took to social media from the back of a cop car to get his side of the story out. According to him, his wife Jenni "JWOWW" Farley was set to leave tomorrow to film for the new season of Jersey Shore and was supposed to spend time with her sick daughter. Roger got upset and claimed Jenni got completely, uncontrollably angry and threatened to call the police.

She filed for divorce against him a few months ago, however, he declared he would fight for his family and marriage.

He then called them himself to prove he wasn't doing anything wrong and once the police came to their house and the matter was solved, he recorded a podcast with his friend then returned to the house and was woken up at 2 am by the police after JWOWW had taken out a restraining order against him.

The former reality star also claimed Jenni told their four-year-old daughter he was a piece of shit and said she wished she never had children with him - to their daughter. Roger also said he wanted to call the police initially because he believed his wife would start making up allegations against him and even give herself a black eye to have evidence against him. Under the conditions of the restraining order, he isn't allowed to go to their house, text Jenni or even see their children.

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Following seven videos on his Instagram where Roger was in a cop car and then his friend's house, he basically retold the same story before saying the truth is on his side and deciding to continue posting videos to have evidence against what occurred and tell his side of the story. He also declared he would start spilling the beans about their marriage and claimed his wife cut a side deal with MTV for $70K to talk about her divorce on the new season.

This is all a mess and it doesn't entirely make sense. I'm confused about how and why the fight got so aggressive and although it happened the day before she was set to film the new season, I don't think it was to create another storyline. Obviously their marriage is in a very bad place which I'm sure we'll see a lot of next season.

As of now, Roger has stopped posting his videos to Instagram but I'll definitely be updating as the situation goes on. JWOWW did comment on the incident and said Roger's tale of events completely contradicted reality:

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama's fighting is acceptable and entertaining because they are trash but seeing this relationship blow up is truly traumatizing. They're too good to be exposing each other on social media and getting the police involved in their mess. I hope they can fix it but it seems way too far gone at this point.

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