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Shade of the Week: JWOWW & Roger Mathews

One of my pet peeves is seeing genuinely good marriages, families or friendships be destroyed by reality TV in the public eye. It's one thing when it's fame-hungry white trash people like Ronnie and his baby mama who put their business out on display for attention due to whatever the fuck they are snorting up their nose but it hurts to see when it's an actual decent family unit like the one JWOWW and Roger Mathews who have their lives go up in smoke in front of us.

If there was one Jersey Shore couple I thought was going to make it, it would've been this one. Ronnie and Jen are toxic as fuck and obviously don't have a conducive relationship to raise a child, The Situation and his now wife look to be in a good place but that mainly could've been due to him trying to have a squeaky clean image for the judge, I'm still not over the way Jionni treated Snooki in Italy and he's never been happy with her getting drunk each is literally who she is as a human being, Angelina and Chris fight like an abusive Staten Island couple and they don't even fuck anymore and Deena and her little man really don't seem that interesting, so I always thought JWOWW would have the one marriage to outlast all her costars, but I guess I was wrong.

They just always worked so well together. Jenni's eyes lit up whenever he was around, they had a good banter between each other and everything always seemed to be easy between them. Of course, they had their issues and even packed their bags to star on Marriage Boot Camp because they needed the check, but what reality star hasn't traded their soul and appeared on WeTV to support their family? Apart from having a nice marriage, they also welcomed two adorable kids into the world. Now, there are some fucking ugly reality TV offspring out there and I know there's a bunch of Quasimodo-esque babies who come to mind, but Jenni and Roger managed to produce two beautiful babies, so it really is a shame the direction this story is going.

After three years of marriage and eight of being together, JWOWW shocked the world when she filed for divorce from her husband, he vowed to fight for his wife and their family and although we don't know what happened behind closed doors, I think Jenni was checked out from that point on. In a relationship, there's a switch and once that switch has been flicked you see someone in an entirely different way and there's no way of going back. We still don't even know what happened between them, their son was diagnosed with autism which I'm sure put an enormous strain on their relationship but neither JWOWW or Roger have ever specifically said the root of their issues, but I guess we'll find out all their dirty laundry on the next season of her show.

The reason for this timely shade is obviously the restraining order drama that went down last week. It would be one thing if TMZ found out about JWOWW filing a restraining order by looking through court documents and it would've been a small article with little information, however, it's another when Roger posts video rants from the back of a cop car detailing everything that happened between him and his wife. Are you even allowed to use your phone in a squad car? Isn't that like a felony or something? Didn't the cop have the sense to yank the phone out of his hand or was he a Good Tea reader? Roger's story didn't add up, he claimed he was fighting with Jenni when she threatened to call the cops, so he then called them to show nothing was wrong and was then woken up at 2 am by the cops with a restraining order. I'm not sure what to believe but he's definitely working overtime to villainise his wife.

Nobody wakes up a judge in the middle of the night to get a restraining order over nothing.

We've known JWOWW through the TV for the last decade and she's one of the only reality stars with common sense who's always told the truth, so it's hard to imagine her calling the police over nothing and making things up just to get back at her husband. Reports have now emerged saying he was filming her on his phone, harassing her while they were fighting, which makes sense as to she called the police. There are three sides to the story: Jenni's, Roger's and the truth and I believe it's somewhere in the middle. We'll never know exactly what happened unless more home videos like Snooki released emerge, but we've heard Roger's side of the story from Instagram and JWOWW's narrative will definitely play out on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore, so we'll get a vague idea of what happened.

The saddest part of all is the kids' involvement. Roger claimed JWOWW told their four-year-old daughter he was a piece of shit and she wished she never had children with him. I hope for the kids' sake that isn't true because that is the kind of stuff that fucks up a kid for life and funds their therapists' lakehouse remodel. Roger has officially been reunited with his son but couldn't see his daughter because she can't leave the house due to the flu and the cold Jersey weather would not help. The restraining order is only against JWOWW and restricts him from entering their house, so he can still see their children and hopefully now that he has seen them he'll stop attacking Jenni. I really do like both of these people and while I'm leaning to #TeamJWOWW because she can do no wrong in my eyes, it's heart to make an informed decision because we don't know the whole truth yet.

However, JWOWW did work overtime after she got the restraining order to ensure he could see his kids and that dispels alot of what he was saying about her.

I'm conflicted because Roger said Jenni makes things up and would even give herself a black eye to blame him for something but he could also be saying that to get ahead of any allegations she does throw his way in the future. Maybe he did beat her for their entire relationship? We don't know but whatever they accuse each other of, I don't think either one will admit they did anything. Both parties claimed there's more tea to unfold regarding their relationship mess which on one hand I'm salivating over because I love gossip more than air and I'm interested to see exactly what happened, however, these people are too good to have us involved in their family drama.

They are well above Ronnie and Jen's white trash level and I don't want to see them being dragged down to that place (literally) where they fight on social media and drag one another with cars.

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