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Terry Dubrow Sued For Bad Boob Job

This is ironic.

Terry Dubrow stars on a reality show about fixing "Botched" plastic surgery gone wrong but according to a new lawsuit founded by TMZ, he's (allegedly) responsible for botching someone.

The court documents state the plaintiff, Tina Andrade, underwent a boob job in October 2016 from Terry, however, due to his "poor job" she needs a second surgery to fix the damage he caused the first time around because he "improperly placed and installed her breast implants". Hey, maybe he can bring her on Botched?

I don't know who's side to be on but I feel like we need to see her boobs to determine if those titties are botched or not?

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The woman with the alleged botched titties is suing the plastic surgeon for negligence and medical malpractice, and is seeking damages for lost wages, physical and psychological damages, and medical expenses.

The only thing Terry had to say about the lawsuit was that it was "incredibly rude of TMZ to run a story like this on Xmas Eve. The bad karma is incredible."

Fuck. I hope I don't get bad karma for running it on Christmas...

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