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James Kennedy's Alleged Gay Side Piece Spills Major Tea About Him

This is hilarious.

There may be a bevy of girls coming forward to admit they've regrettably had sex with James Kennedy, however, who can't forget the one GUY who even alleged he's done the dirty with the DJ and now he's speaking out - again.

After admitting he had sex with James and then saying he lied about the whole thing when asked by James (on camera) about it, Logan Noh, his former gay best friend and possible side piece, was doing a Q&A on his Instagram story recently when one fan asked the question:

"What did you whisper in James' ear on last year's pride episode when he tells you to stop?"

Logan answered the question with a photoshopped Call Me By Your Name poster with a picture of him whispering in James' ear and a caption saying he had asked him "To go to the bathroom. Spoiler alert: he did."

My mouth is on the fucking floor. Everybody knows Logan is thirsty for attention so he could be making it up, but we all also know James Kennedy will stick his pencil dick in anything. And whether they were going to the bathroom for BJs or some pasta, I believe both scenarios.

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