Lindsay Lohan Refuses To Take A Photo With Vinny Guadagnino

Another MTV beef!

I am SO excited for Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club to finally premiere, and it seems like Vinny Guadagnino was too! The MTV royalty attended her New York City premiere party with Snooki's gay best friend, however, after she refused to take a photo with him he took to his Instagram story to shade her shade.

Apparently, Vinny asked Lindsay Lohan for a selfie so then he could say "That's how you get a photo with Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos bitch" but the redhead actress turned reality star gave him the "one-minute" treatment which essentially means no. A soft no to be precise.

However, Vinny saw the upside in the situation and got to say “So I didn’t get the picture with her, so that’s how you get denied for a picture by Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, bitch.”

Lindsay is yet to respond, and I doubt she will, however, she will be on WWHL tomorrow so let's hope Andy Cohen gets messy and asks for her take on this MTV beef.

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