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Lindsay Lohan Says Jax Taylor Lied About Having Sex With Her

Is anyone surprised?

Due to the premiere of her new reality show, Lindsay Lohan has been EVERYWHERE advertising the fuck out of it, so naturally, she appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen to get people to watch her new show and spill some major tea in the process.

First of all, the pairing of Lindsay Lohan and Danielle Staub is fucking insane. They are two of the messiest people in pop culture and I feel like I'm all the way back in 2011 seeing their two names together.

During her time on the show, Andy played a usual game of Plead The Fifth where he got Lisa Vanderpump to ask how she would describe Jax Taylor as a lover in three words. This comes after the Vanderpump Rules star claimed to have slept with Lindsay YEARS ago on WWHL, however, the actress turned reality star revealed she never actually had sex with Jax - or even met him.

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So this wouldn't be the first time Jax told a lie in his life. There are three options here: either they didn't have sex, Lindsay doesn't want to admit it or simply doesn't remember. That was about three noses ago so she probably didn't recognize him.

As for the other two questions, Lindsay maintained she is friends with Kim Kardashian as well as the entire Kardashian klan and said the biggest mistake of her career was drink driving. No shit.


UPDATE: Jax took to Twitter to call her a liar and prove he was telling the truth about the situation and even attached screenshots of messages with his friends who were with him the night he (allegedly) hooked up with her. It's his word against hers.

Take a look at the original video of Jax talking about his Lohan hookup:

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