Alexa Curtin Arrested (Again) For Drug Possession

There's nothing juicer than the downward spiral of a Housewives kid.

Ever since Alexa Curtin called her mother a bitch at an OC mall and showed up wasted to a finale party, I think we could all see the path she and her sister were headed down. Apart from both being successful (?) pornstars, Alexa has a string of arrests longer than her sad jet black extensions and it looks like she just had another one added to the list.

According to The Blast, Alexa was arrested for drug possession and charged with two misdemeanors drug charges on January 5 after she was caught with Xanax and drug paraphernalia, so a bong or something. She was sent to Orange County Jail and released the next day after posting bail and listing her job title as unemployed. So did she stop the porn career? I need an update on that.

She's due back in court in March, if she shows up.

In October 2018, a judge issued a warrant for her arrest after she failed to turn up to her court hearing for three separate cases which include a June 2017 arrest for driving under the influence, an August 2018 arrest for drug possession and finally (allegedly) smoking heroin, committing petty theft and keying her boyfriend’s car.

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Wow. How is she not in prison yet? Alexa also sued a cop for sexually assaulting her during a traffic spot and was awarded $2.25 million dollars, which I'm sure went straight up her arm. Too soon? And what does Lynne think about this mess? Can we get her back for a cameo just to catch up on her cuffs and her daughters who are now hearing cuffs? Aw, a full circle moment.

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