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Kathryn Dennis Grills Thomas Ravenel About Drug Use and Hiring Private Eye

Drag him!

The latest drama in Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel's custody drama comes as the redhead has now submitted documents requesting the politician turned reality star turned felon be questioned under oath to answer questions about drug use, if he's bipolar and hiring private eyes to follow her and their children.

According to The Blast, Kathryn and her lawyers want him to be questioned by a judge to prove she is more suitable for full custody than T-Rape and him answering questions under oath is the best way to prove it. However, if Thomas is anything apart from a rapist, he is a liar, so good luck if he's answering these questions "truthfully."

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She submitted a range of questions and wants to know which drugs, legal and illegal, he has taken in the last six years, wants a full list of all his medical diagnoses in the last ten years, as she is "curious" to see if he has been evaluated for bipolar and wants him to answer how many private investigators he has paid to follow her and their children.

The Southern Charm star would also like Thomas to answer questions about how many women have accused him of sexual assault and whether or not he paid off Debbie Perkins or Ashley Perkins. The mother and daughter who first came forward to accuse him.

Kathryn also wants him to turn over proof of his claims that she is currently using prescription drugs and buys them off the show's producers and costars.

Along with this long list, she always wants him to turn over records of his text messages with Trashley Jacobs to see if they have discussed marriage. I don't know why Kathryn wants to see it, but I hope the tea comes out.

Thomas responded to the claims demanding a protective order in the case and refusing to turn over all the documents that Dennis is requesting. He wants the judge to stop him from having to answer questions under oath or hand over anything Kathryn is asking for, especially his texts with Trashley.

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