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David Beador's Girlfriend Rampages At Walmart And It's Amazing

Is she auditioning for RHOC season 14?

I hate this woman with every fibre of my being but I need more of her in my life. Too bad I'm blocked. However, a video started travelling the internet of Lesley Cook, David Beador's new bitch, who posted a video of her rampaging at Walmart. I still don't really know what the issue is but I'm obsessed.

The worker started taking things out of her trolley saying Lesley didn't have the receipt, when I guess she actually did. So, instead of handling the issue like a sensible human being and talking to the manager, Lesley starts filming the situation which is the most cringe-worthy thing you can do, especially when you have a tiny slither of fame from your boyfriend being an asswipe.

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Instead of just focusing on the issue of the employee pulling things out of her basket, Lesley made it pretty clear she doesn't look like someone who would steal, has a $15 million home in Laguna Beach and was ready to call her lawyer and/or the cops to come down to the Irvine Walmart. Wow. She is literally a Housewife in the making.

If you thought the video was dramatic, the steamy caption is even worse:

Lesley deleted her post because I'm assuming she realised she looked like a spoilt bitch and hasn't commented on the situation since.

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