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JD Madison Cleared In Sexual Assault Case

He's off the hook!

According to Live 5 News, investigators at the Mount Pleasant Police Department have charged a woman with falsely accusing JD Madison of sexually assaulting her. The adjacent reality star was never charged in the incident.

Detectives apparently found inconsistencies in their investigation including evidence which indicated the victim turned accused, Susan Johnson, was lying about the assault taking place. Susan claimed she was assaulted on August 21, 2017, during a solar eclipse and reported it on August 28, 2018.

Susan's story was that JD broke a glass and as she was cleaning it up, he put something in her drink. She claimed to have passed out and woke up as he was forcibly raping her only to stop once he was receiving a call from his wife.

Susan was arrested, her bond was set at $10,000 and she has now been released.

JD's representatives had this to say about the arrest:

"JD Madison was never charged or arrested as the Mount Pleasant Police Department did not find any credible evidence to support her claims. We are grateful that the Mount Pleasant Police Department fully investigated this case and determined that these accusations were completely false."

And Susan's lawyers gave this statement:

"Susan is going to fight this unfair, unfounded charge. She was severely intoxicated on the night in question and so naturally there are some inconsistencies in her recollection. Such inconsistencies do not make her a liar, and they certainly do not make her a criminal. Susan does not remember sending any of the messages - or making any of the phone calls - that police are using as ‘evidence’ to dispute her recollection of what happened. And the fact police are charging her based on their ‘belief’ that she lied about what happened is absolutely unconscionable. Not only is such a charge unfair to my client, it could have a chilling effect on other women who believe they have been similarly victimized."

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