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Roger Mathews Exposes JWOWW Selling A Story About Him Giving Her A Miscarriage

This feud has officially gone too far.

After both Jenni "JWOWW" Farley and Roger Mathews penned very long letters to one another (and shared them with the world) accusing the other person of all kinds of fuckery from abuse to cheating to child exploitation and even drug use, things seem to have finally crossed a line with Roger's most recent post.

The Instagram post was only live for about a minute, however, thank God for screenshot because now it's saved forever. Roger posted a screenshot of someone from Radar Online asking for a comment on a story Jenni was (allegedly) trying to sell about Roger beating her so bad she had a miscarriage.

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Of course, Roger was enraged saying it wasn't true, she didn't have any proof, he would sue her and that he was in New Jersey and she was in LA when her miscarriage occured. This story is WILD and has officially gone way, way, way too far. JWOWW is yet to comment.

Susan has no chill. She just dropped the miscarriage bomb then asked for a comment. And now the world knows Susan's number, so there's that! And did she really have to do this over text?

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