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Emily Simpson Shades Shannon Beador After Demotion Claim

Shots fired!

The entire cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County are officially returning for season 14 and are busy filming it right now, however, they may all not make it out with oranges, Vicki Gunvalson’s nearly slipped out of her hand and Shannon Beador says it could happen to someone else.

Orange County has only had seven Housewives for one season and it was a total flop so it makes sense for season 14 to have six orange holders with one friend of. Jeff Lewis shared the news on his radio show that Shannon told him filming is going well, the new Housewife is great, Vicki is “bringing it” but that Emily Simpson or Gina Kirschenheiter may be demoted.

That gives me hope for the upcoming season, however, I’m guessing Emily doesn’t feel the same way. The sophomore Housewife retweeted the screenshot above declaring:

“Shannon you may have lost 40 pounds of fat but you definitely didn't lose 49 pounds of jealous”

Shots fucking fired, but for a lawyer, she really should’ve said jealously.

Emily and Gina BETTER bring it to fight it out for the last orange because if Emily doesn’t threaten to kill Shannon or sit on Tamra, she can kiss that full-time position goodbye. Emily was my favourite newbie of 2018 but she’s gotta put in the work to stay around.

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