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Teddi Mellencamp Reveals More Text Messages With Her And John Blizzard

This is getting messy!

Following Lisa Vanderpump revealing Teddi Mellencamp’s incriminating screenshots on this week’s episode which proved she played apart in setting up Dorit Kemsley with the dog drama, the accountability coach is now revealing her own receipts.

In her Bravo blog, Teddi gave us DOT POINTS on everything that happened leading up to the scene at Vanderpump Dogs and admitted to her own part in the scheme. Teddi stated Blizzard told her about the dog drama at the request of LVP who also texted Dorit telling her that "Teddi knows".

Does that sound like a set up to you?

Teddi said she only stopped with the scheme when Lisa kept insisting “I don’t want to talk about it” at Vanderpump Dogs when she had been asking Teddi TO TALK ABOUT IT. Teddi said she realised in that moment LVP had set her up to go against Dorit, something Lisa will never admit to.

The following screenshots with Teddi and John Blizzard show the Vanderpump gay admitting that Lisa told him to tell Teddi and how he was receiving mixed messages from Lisa saying tell Teddi and Ken asking him not to.

One thing is for sure, this gay LOVES be at the centre of the bitch drama. Blizzard tweeted about the screenshots claiming the YES was to another question Teddi asked previously. Even if that’s true he says “Lisa: tell her” in the second text.

The act is up.

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