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TBT: NeNe Leakes' Shady Take On Vintage RHOC

Old school Linnethia was the best Linnethia.

Throwback Thursday is back and for our sixth installment of Housewives recapping episodes of the other cities in the early seasons of the franchise is NeNe Leakes' 2008 recaps of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Atlanta and the OC couldn't be anymore different, so to get NeNe's take on the SoCal ladies is delicious.

Compared to the other Housewives back then who wrote novels in their blogs like Jill, Bethenny and Tamra, NeNe Leakes only writs about two paragraphs per recap, if she even wrote them enough at all. However, there's great little very NeNe-esque tidbits in her writing even dropping Kim and Sheree's bitchy antics into the mix and her shade towards the boring OC franchise is so on point. Take a look at Linnethia's three OC recaps below:


"All the ladies look great! But I have one word for the show... BORING! I could barely keep my eyes open. Where are the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Jeana: Letting her soon-to-be ex move back into the house was a weak move on her behalf. Vicki — Still loud! FYI: Where is the boom? Somebody please drop the bomb!"


"OK ladies, let's get it onnnnnn! The claws came out last night. THE LIMO: All the trash talking about Gretchen behind her back just reminded me of Sheree and Kim. Too small to talk to someone face to face. Scared of a little competition. Needing to put someone else down to make yourself look better.

If there's something you don't like or wanna say about Gretchen, why not say it to her face and give her a chance to defend herself? It was really rude and unnecessary for Vicki to throw Donn under the bus in front of Jeana when they were discussing vacation plans. Vicki, you need to either tone it down a bit and appreciate your husband Donn or leave, because you could be blocking his happiness with someone else.

FYI: Let's keep it real ladies."


"Thanks to all my fans for checking out my blogs weekly and supporting me. Being one of the favorite Housewives has been a really exciting time in my life.

Lynne, the new chick on the block, showed us how to stay fit, but I'm not feeling her just yet! At lunch it was really big of Tamra to apologize to Gretchen for the comments she made about her! It's always a good thing to realize your mistakes, acknowledge them, and move on. I can see these two being good friends.

When Vicki told Jeana that she shouldn't take Mike's side on whether or not he had the opportunity to be a dad - Woo hoo! I finally agreed with something Vicki said! When you become a parent, you must do whatever it takes to have a relationship with your children, and I really felt for Vicki's daughter when she said her father didn't seem to want a relationship with her."

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