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Danni Baird Leaks Madison LeCroy's DM Sent To Her Boyfriend


On Wednesday's Southern Charm episode, Austen Kroll's current girlfriend Madison LeCroy was accused of using her friend to DM his costar Danni Baird's boyfriend on Instagram for her. She tried to make it seem as if the message was harmless and took to social media to try and not make herself look like a total asshole, yet she did the complete opposite.

Madison posted screenshots between herself and Danni on her Instagram story trying to prove something. I'm not sure what it was but it was something? The messages are basically Danni just telling her how the boys called her during filming and that she told them how Madison had used her friend to direct message Gentry Todd Radwanski, Danni's boyfriend.

Following Madison posting this and trying to make it seem as if Danni was lying, the "friend of" retalilated by posting the initial message that everyone is talking about. The screenshot shows an unnamed person telling Gentry to contact Madison while also attaching her Instagram.

Is this a thing people do? Do people get their friends to contact guys for them? Is it weird or did I just not realise the digital wingwoman is a thing?

That's not all. After Danni posted screenshot which made Madison look like real fuckwit, Madison posted a statement to her Instagram story claiming one of her hairdressing clients messaged Gentry for her without her permission. What? That doesn't make any sense? Wouldn't she have led with that? And as she saw the client messaging him, wouldn't she have told them she had a boyfriend? This is a big old pile of BULLSHIT.

Oh and Madison also just threw in the fact that Gentry broke up with Danni, which has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Once Madison and Danni stopped going at it, the man they were talking about, Gentry himself got involved after more than enough people starting stalking his profile to see what all the fuss was about and obviously it was necessary because Gentry is hotter than Charleston on a summer's day.

Gentry took to his Instagram story wanting to play a game of "never have I ever" which included him never ever meeting Madison LeCroy, while he posted a screenshot of her asking to speak to him. This bitch is fucking crazy.

UPDATE #1: Just when it looked like everything was settled Madison took to her Instagram story AGAIN with a screenshot of her conversation with Gentry, trying to prove they have spoken before and adding he only unfollowed her 15 minutes before. Can this girl just go away?

UPDATE #2: Following this, Austen thought it be a good idea to post a (cropped) screenshot of Gentry talking about how he can't hold a candle to Madison, trying to discredit what he said in Madison's own above screenshot.

Gentry then decided to take to his own Instagram to clear up any confusion once and for all by posting the FULL unedited screenshots of his conversation with Madison's friend to show everyone exactly what happened and it was a civil conversation with nothing juicy except Madison acting like a slut.

Madison and Austen look like morons. They cropped the screenshots trying to make Gentry look bad and it completely backfired. Did they not realise he could post the whole thing? Hopefully this means this online beef is done and Austen really needs to kick this bitch to the side because it's bad look.

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