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James Kennedy & Lala Kent Feuding Again After Brief Make Up

Well that didn't last long.

Only two days after James Kennedy posted a picture with Lala Kent in the studio recording a song together adding he was happy to have his friends back, it looks like they are feuding once again. It only took 48 hours for DJ James Kennedy to fuck up their relationship for the 88th time.

Following their social media truce, James took to Instagram in a now deleted post of him with an unknown friend holding a Yeezy with the caption "I WANT MY MONEY BY MONDAY" poking fun at Lala's fiance Randall Emmett's Fofty beef with 50 Cent about a month ago.

Their friendship initially dissolved after James made fun of Lala's man, so why would he post a photo making fun of him (again) after they finally made up and started recording a song together? I'm confused. What the fuck DJ James Kennedy?

To confirm they are once again estranged, both James and Lala unfollowed each other again, so it looks like this will be another season of Vanderpump Rules where the DJ continues to help everyone dig his own grave.

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