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Shep Rose Dishes On His Almost Physical Altercation With Craig Conover

Why can't they do this with cameras around?

Just like everyone else in America, Shep Rose now has his own podcast titled Enough About Me and for the first episode his costar and friend, Cameran Eubanks, joined him to reveal a bunch of behind the scenes Southern Charm secrets, including a fight that happened off camera many years ago.

When they weren't filming Craig Conover and Shep travelled to the Bahamas on a group trip where they were both calling Cameran everyday bitching about how much they couldn't stand each other. Cam revealed:

“So Craig and Shep are in the Bahamas together and literally every other day Craig would call me like, ‘Ugh, Shep, I can’t f***ing stand him, he’s being such an a**hole, I wish he would leave.’ And then the next day, Shep would call me like, ‘Craig is insufferable.’”

Shep told the story of how they had a terrible time in the Bahamas together until they came to an understanding. An understanding in the form of Shep throwing a plate of food in Craig's face after the "lawyer" allegedly tried to embarrass Shep in front of his friends:

“We had a really tough couple first days in the Bahamas and then we came to an understanding. We got in almost a fight, I threw a plate of food at his face… He tried to embarrass me in front of my guests down there and I’m like, I’m not having this.”

Apparently a plate to the face was just the medicine their relationship needed because they hashed it out the next day and were good for the rest of the trip. This just goes to show the drama doesn't stop just because the cameras go away.

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