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Jim & Amber Marchese Break Their Silence On Son's College Drama

The Marcheses are finally speaking out.

Only a few hours after the internet realised a GoFundMe page for a student whose father allegedly refused to pay for his college because he is gay belonged to the son of Amber and Jim Marchese, the annoying controversial couple spoke out to tell their side of the story. And boy, is it a very different story.

In an exclusive interview with Champion Daily, which is a very random choice of outlet, Jim claimed him not putting money towards his son's college fees had nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with the fact that their son wants to go to an enormously expensive "no-name" school that he doesn't believe is worth paying the price it costs. He explained:

“This has nothing to do with sexuality. It has to do with money. He wants to go to a no name college in Connecticut that costs $275,000 when he doesn’t even have a career path that he’s focused on versus going to a state school that would cost $40,000. Who pays that much for Fairfield college? If he had gotten into Yale, Harvard, MIT, U Penn, Wharton Business School- any of the top 20 schools- we would have a conversation. The idea that he wants to spend $275,000 without regard to the fact that he’s got four other siblings who also need financial help is absurd and selfish.”

He continued to say he and Amber never kicked their son out and Michael chose to live with his mother because she "let's him do whatever he wants." Jim also said his son's biological mother, stepfather and grandparents have all refused to pay for his college as well because they don't believe the school is worth the money either, even though they can afford the cost.

According to Jim, he spent $200,000+ for his son to attend private school and claims the GoFundMe page is just a fraud, using Amber's "celebrity" to get money:

“He’s clearly trying to use Amber’s celebrity stature to literally sucker people into paying so this spoiled rich kid can attend an egregiously overpriced no name school."

Um. That doesn't make any sense because in the initial article Michael didn't even use his real name and left his parent's unnamed on purpose, so how was he trying to exploit their "celebrity" in any way? He was doing the opposite.

Jim claimed his son is court ordered to attend therapy with him and have dinner with him three times a week, however, Michael has refused to meet him for almost a year. Well, can you blame the kid? Jim also addressed how they found out their son was gay and it is a crazy fucking story. I can't even try and explain it, so just read the direct quote below:

"The way we found out that Michael was even gay was that his younger brother Sebastian, who is age 14, received this rancid nasty gay porn on his phone and computer while we were watching a family movie with his younger siblings. The reason it was sent to Sebastian was that some of my older sons senior friends at Christian brothers academy wanted to gang bang Sebastian. They even sent him a video on the discord – new Snapchat for kids- called three gentlemen slam jamming where two guys were raping a third. They specifically said ‘his a**hole is mine.’ They were preying on him.’"

Um. So that happened. Is this real? Does this really happen? What the actual fuck? A group of teenage boys wanted to gangbang his fucking brother? Fuck the GoFundMe page, this is the REAL story. Jim ended his rant by reminding everyone it's not about his son being gay but about the money:

"In the end this has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has to do with money which again his mother, grandparents, etc will put no money into. No one believes this is a good investment which is why no one is co-signing. The go fund me page again is a scam. Even if he gets the first year where is he coming up with the rest of the money? He’d have to do a go fund me every year. Also one other thing- it’s a Jesuit school so think about that. He just wants to go there because his friends are. And that’s that.”

Sure, that would be all be believable if Jim hadn't said wildly homophobic things in the past? Do I need to bring up THAT tweet? Does anyone believe this guy? Jim Marchese is a pig and he has the Twitter feed to prove it.

Amber also decided to chime in and just parroted Jim's bullshit by claiming they love their son no matter what his sexuality is (yeah right) and wished he never made the news public. She also said she was disappointed he used her "fame" to get attention and explained they have to already pay for private school and ways to keep her cancer free. You can read the entire statement here, but I'm giving you guys all you need to know.

Jim's homophobic track record speaks for itself. Maybe he is telling the truth? Who knows? But all the bullshit he's sprouted in the past isn't going to make anyone believe his bullshit. And even on the off chance Jim is telling the truth, he still fucking sucks.

As far as the GoFundMe goes, Ariana Madix donated $500 and encouraged all her fans to spend their own money to help Michael go to college, Lisa Vanderpump even chipped in $10 and Danielle Staub has thrown in $5 so far.

Andy Cohen even reacted to the entire situation calling Jim pathetic, which is literally the only way to sum up that little man. The donation page is now sitting at $8,420, just click here if you want to donate yourself!

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