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Kelly Dodd Reveals How The Tres Amigas Found Out About The Sex Train Rumor


Following the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County which featured a rumor about Kelly Dodd getting railed by an eight-man sex train, the resident cunt caller is speaking out about who told the Tres Amigas the sex train story and shaded almost every single one of her cast members. Nobody can talk shit like Kelly can, it really is a skill.

The OC Housewife appeared on the podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino and revealed that Vicki Gunvalson heard the train story from a man who hates her. While she strongly denies having a gang bang, Kelly shared that she called the guy on-camera during the season where he all but admitted to making up the rumor. Kelly explained:

“They were looking for dirt and they heard it from a guy that hates me, he’s a crook named Ted Banchief. So he’s the one and I called him on camera and he goes “Well I heard” and I go “where did you hear that.” He just made it up. And they know for a fact that he made it up.”

When asked about all the members of the group, Kelly said Gina Kirschenheiter and Braunwyn Windham-Burke just want to be friends with the popular group (the Tres Amigas) because they're "weak-minded people." Oh, and she also said she can't trust Braunwyn and called her a lapdog who tries to keep everyone happy. After being on the outs with the majority of the cast, Kelly shared she's still close friends with Emily Simpson and called the Tres Amigas washed up old bitches:

“I think they’re a bunch of old washed up bitches but that’s my opinion. I think the Tres Amigas, they all belong together and I know they want their own show and I think maybe its time. They’re going into business together, they want to go on the road and do like a Luann thing."

Kelly also shared her thoughts on past Housewives returning and admitted she'd love for Gretchen Rossi to return because she hates Tamra, however, said it's unlikely, alluding to her having a problem with the network.

Someone Kelly wouldn't want back is Heather Dubrow and shared she still sees her all the time, even after hiding outside the gym to avoid talking to her. Read the next quote in Kelly's voice, it's so much fun:

“I see Heather at Orange Theory at 10.30 every morning. I just don’t talk to her anymore and I run into her everywhere. It’s like, if I'm doing a boxing class, she’s doing a boxing class. If I go to lightning fit, she’s at lightning fit, it’s like, do you do anything else but work out? And then to add insult to injury, my daughter wants to go to this catholic high school and I find out that her kids go to this catholic high school. Now I can’t get rid of her. My kids' gone to catholic school her whole life, those kids haven’t.”

Oh, that's not all. If one thing is clear from this interview it's that the only thing she hates more than Heather Dubrow, is the Tres Amigas. She went NUCLEAR on Tamra over (in her words) getting naked for a paycheck, having no storyline and even talked shit about her son Ryan who is on the top of every Bravoholics shit list:

“Tamra always gets naked because she’s thirsty and she wants to keep her paycheck, so she does what she has to do to keep it spicy I mean what else, what personal story does she have? What does she do? She has the gym, you can’t really say anything about her kids, Ryan’s a disaster. Nobody wants to see Ryan. He’s not hot. He’s the worst. He gets paid [for the show] and he brags about getting paid. Tamra's storyline is the same. Eddie and her get along. Her and Eddie have the same conversations. They’re going out to dinner, it’s so bland, just bland. There’s no ups and downs with them, it’s the same thing year in, year out and he’s got his heart thing but there’s a lot of people that have that, you get the surgery and that’s it.”

Tell us what you REALLY think Kelly. We are four episodes in and this season is already kicking the last one's ass and if this interview is any indication of what's to come, we have a shit storm coming our way.

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