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Madison LeCroy Explains The Truth About The Butt Stuff Rumor


Ahead of the Southern Charm reunion tonight, Madison LeCroy set the record straight about the most important subject discussed this season: whether or not she takes it up the ass. The juiciest revelations for season six were about Chlamydia and anal sex, which should tell you exactly what type of show this is.

In case you've been living under a rock or haven't tuned in this season, Madison accused Shep Rose of giving Danni Baird Chlamydia and Shep retaliated by saying that for Valentines Day, Austen Kroll spelled out "BUTT STUFF" in rose petals for his girlfriend Madison and she happily obliged.

Now, in a recent interview with Decider, Madison spoke about her ongoing feud with Shep and admitted she does have sympathy for him after he went through a very rough season on social media. The hairdresser explained:

“You know, I haven’t talked to him. I will say I feel bad for him in a way. I feel like he’s getting it a lot. And now that I’ve kinda gone through that a little bit, I know how it feels when everything feels like it’s crumbling down. In a way I have a little sympathy even though I think he’s an asshole, but hey. It is what it is. How boring would it be if we were all the same?”

However, her mood completely changed when the rookie cast member and resident shit-stirrer was asked about Shep telling Cameran Eubanks (and the world) that she had anal sex. Madison denied the rumors after an eye roll saying:

“I’m like, really? We didn’t do butt stuff but sure, whatever. It was a joke. I just thought that was pitiful, man.” Though not everyone disliked hearing that story. “I’ve gotten messages from guys like, so you do butt stuff? I’m like, no. Are you kidding me?”

I wouldn't be surprised if Shep was making everything up but I would be even less surprised if Austen and Madison actually did have anal. It's 2019, what's the big deal and Austen definitely seems like a closet freak in the sheets.

Although she denied the allegation, if there's one thing we've learned this season it's to never tell Austen anything.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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