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The Truth Behind Jax Taylor & Tom Sandoval's Feud

Season 8 is looking good.

The upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules is allegedly set to be all about Jax Taylor vs Kristen Doute and caused the entire cast to pick a side.

Jax made headlines for blocking Kristen, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix after filming, and after that false rumor that it had to do with Lance Bass officiating his wedding, thanks to a new Hollywood Life report, we finally know the real reason for their feud. A source explained:

“The unfollow had more to do with who Sandoval is hanging out with more so than anything else. It had absolutely nothing to do with Lance and the wedding. Tom has been nothing but a supportive friend and he’s always going to be there for Jax. Sandoval is always neutral and sometimes that bothers people, but he’s so not one to get caught up in the drama.”

Even though the NSYNC singer wasn’t responsible for this feud, he accidentally stirred the pot this season when he spilled the tea on WWHL that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz aren’t actually married, which resulted in them getting hitched in Vegas with the rest of the cast.

It’s unknown who blocked who first but let’s be real, Jax blocks people more than he changes his underwear, so let’s use our brains as to who was the first one. The source said:

“One could only assume that Tom Sandoval was taken back when he saw that Jax un-followed him on social media. He was disappointed in his decision to do that and is really confident he and Jax will get back to a great place again. Jax also removed [Sandoval] from his wedding party at one point, so he knows that Jax changes his mind constantly on feelings and things.”

Apparently the drama with the OG cast members heats up towards the end of the upcoming season with most of the drama revolving around Kristen ,who’s on the outs with Jax and the Witches of WeHo.

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Thank fuck Crazy Kristen is back because she’s been fading into the background in recent seasons. The source aka a producer explained what we can expect this season and said the cast is more divided than ever:

“The drama and real fighting that happened towards the end of this season of filming, which stopped last week, just became a lot for the entire cast. There’s a huge divide right now and Kristen is at the center of a lot of it. Jax and Kristen get into it a ton this season and people are tending to choose sides which is causing a lot of this divide. The cast has never been this broken before”

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