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Charlie Sheen Calls Denise Richards A Coward After She Accused Him Of Hiding $450,000 in Child Suppo


Following Denise Richards' divorce from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, the pair have been seemingly getting along and coparenting together, however, the actress turned reality star is now claiming in court documents that Charlie owes her almost half a million dollars in child support.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Denise states she is owed $450,000 in back child support from her famous ex for their daughters Lola and Sam. She is claiming Charlie "squandered" over $24,000,000 (HOW?!) he received from the sale from his interest in "Two And A Half Men" to pay off his personal debts and support his extravagant lifestyle while failing to pay child support for his two kids.

The two came to an agreement in 2016 for what Charlie was supposed to pay and it was lowered from $55,000 a month to $25,000 a month, however, he has allegedly now failed to pay her $450,000 in total, since they reached the agreement.

It gets ever juicier, considering Denise is also accusing Charlie of hiding over $600,000 in assets through adult family members and converting thousands of dollars into cash for his own personal use, to avoid paying the child support.

Denise also gave the court a monthly breakdown of her expenses to prove why she needs the money from Charlie. She listed her monthly costs of living below:

Rent - $17,000

Maintenance and Repair - $3,100

Child Care - $13,000

Groceries - $3,000

Education - $3,000

The Beverly Hills Housewife also owes $9500 a month in payments on a $50,000 credit card balance, and a settlement for a lawsuit where she allegedly didn't pay for stables that housed her horses.

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She calculated her monthly expenses to be $56,290, while her monthly income is only $25,361. How the fuck is she spending almost twice as much money as she is making?

Denise also made it clear most of her expenses also go towards her special needs daughter Eloise, who requires 24-hour care and special education.

Following the initial report, Charlie clapped back in a statement to The Blast, accusing Denise of lying and calling her a coward. The actor told the outlet:

"D and her legal posse traffic only in fiction. My day in court is painfully overdue. She is behaving like a coward and the truth will prevail."

This is getting messy and although Denise is currently filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, let's hope she doesn't follow suit and actually talks about her legal drama, instead of pretending it's not happening like everyone else does.

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