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Camille Grammer Feuds With Tamra Judge Over Her RHOBH Exit And Explains Why She Blames Kyle Richards

When Housewives collide.

For the past week, Camille Grammer has been blaming her frenemy Kyle Richards for getting her fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Of course, Kyle denied the rumors which caused Camille to hit back by saying the producers told her Kyle didn't want her back and that's when the drama really started... in the comments of OUR Instagram post.

Under our post about Camille's latest double down of the situation, Tamra Judge decided to get involved and sound off on the drama. Can we all say thank you to our Bravo God (Andy Cohen) that Tamra has finally returned to her old shit stirring ways?

The OC Housewife called Camille's story "such bullshit" and explained their shows have the same production company (Evolution) where she heard a different story about the "friend of's" exit. Tamra also reminded her, when you aren't friends with anyone on the show they have no choice but to fire you and that no one cast member has control over casting.

In a series of now-deleted comments, Season 1 Camille clapped back trying to prove her point. She argued it's always been Kyle's show because she was going to have a Bravo reality show with her sisters Kim and Kathy and when that fell through the network turned it into RHOBH. She also pointed out Kyle was (allegedly) paid almost $100K more than her season one costars.

She also jumped in saying Kyle does have input in casting asking why do you think Teddi Mellencamp is still there? I don't necessarily agree with what Camille is trying to say but I always love some Teddi shade.

Finally, Camille also set the record straight about her exit from the show after season nine by saying the producers wanted her to film a make-up scene with Kyle. According to her story, Alex Baskin, the producer of Evolution, called her to film with Kyle but Camille claims she refused to because she wasn't going to film for free. Apparently, she also has the receipts to back up her story.

If she was going to film with Kyle but only backed out once she wasn't going to get paid, then why is it Kyle's fault she was fired? Because it sounds like filming a scene with Kyle was her only way back onto the show.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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