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Thomas Ravenel Sentenced In Sexual Assault Case

Obviously this is not the news any of us wanted to hear.

Politician turned felon turned reality star turned rapist Thomas Ravenel was sentenced in his sexual assault case on Wednesday in Charleston and he only has to pay a $500 fine for raping a woman.

What fucking world are we living in?

According to a local Charleston news report, T-Rape pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery and only received a 30-day suspended sentence and a $500 fine. Yep, you read that right.

Thomas (allegedly) sexually assaulted his children's nanny, Nanny Dawn, back in 2015 where she claimed he got undressed, put her hands on his penis before touching her private parts. Dawn's bra’s underwire also cut her skin during the assault and she couldn’t breathe because her shirt was wrapped around her neck.

And this bastard had to pay $500 as justice.

The victim chose not to appear in court but the judge read a letter she had written. T-Rape agreed with the facts in her letter and addressed the court saying:

“Your honor, on the night of the incident I did attempt to kiss her and in so doing I grabbed her arm and that was wrong, and I am much appreciative of the opportunity to apologize to her in court today."

This is exactly what's wrong with our legal system. There was clearly enough evidence to charge and convict Thomas of sexually assaulting his former nanny, but money talks and bullshit walks. And bullshit walked out of that courtroom as a free man.

It's truly disgusting to think this woman has to live the rest of her life with PTSD from this disgusting incident and her abuser is allowed to pay $500 to make it go away. I truly don't think I've ever seen a more disgusting human being in my life.

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