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Angelina Pivarnick Suing FDNY Boss For Sexual Harassment

The Staten Island Dump is a QUEEN.

It takes serious balls to stand up to your abuser, especially when they're your boss. Although Angelina Pivarnick is known for her time on Jersey Shore before she returned to the show, the trashbag fanatic worked as an EMT at the New York Fire Department. Angelina claims she was sexually harassed and assaulted by two male colleagues, even though she's only suing one.

According to court documents, the reality star turned EMT claims her supervisor, Lt. Jonathan Schechter, made unwelcome sexual advances, commented on her body appearance and made crude comments at the workplace.

He (allegedly) also bombarded her with aggressive sexual texts about her ass and offered to give her a massage and/or have sex with her while she recovered from a back injury. She even included a text message in the filing which read:

"Your ass looked amazing and I wish I wasn't working or in uniform because I definitely would've kissed those amazing lips."

That is fucking disgusting. It's so wrong how some people, not just men, believe they have the right to speak and treat others like this.

Along with the texts, Angelina also stated he got handsy with her by grabbing her ass and "making contact with her vaginal area" while in the station parking lot. Following this man physically groping the reality star, he then apparently continued to send disgusting texts, one which read: "That ass! If only you knew the thoughts in my mind." She also claims when she opposed the unwanted advances he put her on cleanup duty or other bad assignments.

That's not all. In the lawsuit, Angelina also mentioned how another colleague, Lt. David Rudnitzky, who she's not suing, allegedly would speak to her with vulgar language during work and constantly bombarded her with sex questions due to her run on Jersey Shore. He would apparently ask questions like "How many guys on ‘Jersey Shore’ have you fucked?," if she fucked her man and told her “Make sure no f–king today" while on the job.

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Angelina lodged a formal complaint against the two men and heard back that she had "credible" evidence, however, she has no idea if they were ever disciplined. She claims following the filing of the complaints, she was punished by other men at the station by threats of reassignment and being denied her preferred shifts.

She is suing Lt. Jonathan Schechter and the City of New York.

In a statement to Page Six, Angelina defended her right to speak out about her harsh working conditions. The statement reads:

“It should go without saying that what I experienced has nothing to do with television or entertainment. Like all women, I am entitled to be treated with dignity and respect at work. And I should not have to accept unwanted sexual advances, crude comments about my body or physical assault.”

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