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Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore’s Feud With NeNe Leakes Will Be Biggest RHOA Season 12 Drama

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Housewives feud?

Filming for season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been shooting for a couple of months and it seems most of the drama will still revolve around NeNe Leakes. Who’s ready for another season of the OG refusing to take accountability for her shitty behavior?

According to Hollywood Life, the main drama of the upcoming season will be Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams’ feud with NeNe and apparently both of the women don't have any interest in making up with each other. The source told the outlet:

“Kenya and Porsha will never see eye to eye with NeNe. This season feels like Kenya and Porsha versus NeNe. NeNe has no interest in repairing much with them, but the same can be said for Kenya and Porsha. This season is gearing up to be really, really good.”

However, apparently nobody should worry about any of the Atlanta peaches being fired because they all respect each other’s roles on the show even though they can’t stand each other. This feud has also taken over the cast with Eva Marcille even being dragged into the fight at one point. The source explained:

“They all seem to tolerate one another as employees, but that’s it. A lot of the drama and fighting will center around these three ladies going at it constantly. Eva Marcille even gets involved in their conflict, which led NeNe not to speak with her at one point, too.”

This tea comes only days after we reported on NeNe’s explosive fight with Cynthia Bailey. According to a new article from Hollywood Life, NeNe and her former friend are also having struggles this year, however, they are both optimistic they can repair their friendship in the future. The insider said:

“Cynthia is optimistic for a friendship with NeNe, but it will be a different dynamic than what it was before. It’s hard to see they’ll ever have a kind of friendship like they used to again. NeNe too is optimistic, but sees there are lots of challenges. She’s not sure if she can trust Cynthia again, and once you break NeNe’s trust, it’s hard to move forward with her. Both Cynthia and NeNe feel they are trying to get to a better place, but they’re having trouble seeing the other’s point of view on things. Having said that, things are getting better. They both are taking some steps to get there and are both putting in effort.”

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The source went onto explain their latest meet up was something they both wanted and they've been trying to show each other respect even though they aren't getting along right now for the sake of the group and their old friendship:

“Them meeting up and talking was something they both really wanted. They’ve been trying to understand the other’s point of view. NeNe sent Cynthia a card because it was the right thing to do when you have someone you care about get engaged and Cynthia has reached out to NeNe as well. It seems they both are truly trying to do their best to get to a more cordial spot for not just themselves, but their cast members, too.”

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