Photos Surface Of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Baby Mama's Intense Injuries From Domestic Incident


Following Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's dramatic rampage and arrest early Friday morning, his baby mama Jen Harley has resurfaced, and so have photos of some injuries she incurred from the toxic couple's night from hell.

In a series of photos obtained by TMZ, taken on Monday, Jen is seen with her daughter Ariana, however, the more obvious part of the image are the bruises on her body. The adjacent reality star has scrapes or bruises on both her thigh and shoulder which don't look fun at all. However, it's a complicated story of how she got them depending on who you ask.

Jen's sources tell TMZ, Ronnie dragged her across the driveway at their Airbnb, however, Ronnie's sources tell the outlet, Jen injured her shoulder falling off a fence as he took Ariana away from her. Apparently, Jen was trying to jump a fence with the baby to keep her away from Ronnie but he managed to grab the baby back.

Are these two just playing hide and seek with the baby? What the fuck?

Ronnie's team is also telling TMZ that Jen injured her leg after she threw herself to the ground and was clinging to Ronnie as he tried to get back to the house with the baby. Does anyone have this footage because I am dying to see these cokeheads fighting over their baby in the streets at 3 in the morning.

Jen was also spotted trying to hide the baby from Ron on a neighbor's surveillance video.

Oh, and it's important to know that Ronnie's people told the outlet, Jen was (allegedly) heavily day drinking and that's why he was worried about his daughter's safety. Was he worried about her safety when he was doing lines in front of her and chasing her mother with a knife?

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Following the arrest, LAPD issued an emergency protective order, which prohibits Ronnie from coming within 100 yards of Jen and his daughter until Oct 11, and TMZ claims Jen is going to court to get a permanentrestraining order to last beyond that date.

All the pieces of the puzzle are starting to make sense.

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