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Mauricio Umansky Breaks Silence On Lawsuits

He's finally speaking out.

In case you've been living under a rock, Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio Umansky currently has three ongoing lawsuits related to the sale of one Malibu mansion. The realtor is being accused of selling the home to a man named Mauricio Oberfeld for $32 million and (allegedly) secretly partnering with him to sell the home for $70 million a year later.

The seller is suing Mauricio for fraud and accusing him of not informing him of higher offers on the house so that he could buy and sell the home for himself. A potential buyer AND a realtor of another potential buyer have also come out to sue the Beverly Hills House Husband as well.

Now, in a recent interview with Inman, Mauricio is finally breaking his silence on his several pending legal battles. When asked about the lawsuits, Kyle's husband told the outlet:

“There are two sides to every story. Mine has yet to be told. It’ll be told soon. If I had to do it again in hindsight, I would do it the same way I did it last time. I wouldn’t change a thing. One day my side will be told and I am very confident we will be vindicated.”

Mauricio sounds pretty certain he didn't do anything wrong, so I can't wait to see him tell his side of the story in court, especially since the multiple lawsuits just keep piling up. There was recently a massive amount of Agency employees who left the real estate company, however, Mauricio maintains that has nothing to do with the lawsuits and everything to do with them under-delivering, he explained:

“It is not affecting anybody at The Agency. I don’t know one agent who has left The Agency over that lawsuit. It’s not affecting our daily business, it’s not affecting our operations. We switch out non-producing agents for producing agents. So if you didn’t perform, you didn’t have a chance to be at The Agency."

Finally, the real estate mogul was also asked about his feud with his brother-in-law Rick Hilton. Mauricio previously worked with Kathy Hilton's husband at the Hilton & Hyland real estate firm and the two had a falling out once Mau decided to open The Agency. However, he confirmed not only are he and Rick good, but the entire family is now in a good place, including Kyle and her sister Kathy. He shared:

“The families have made up. We’ve been good for over a year,” he shared. “We were definitely in a fight for a while. And it was real. But the families have made up and it was fantastic. We’ve been good for solidly over a year. At the end of the day, time heals everything. Eventually when you put family together for different events — Christmas, Thanksgiving, a birthday party — time eventually heals it. And I think that’s what happened with us. And thank God.”

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