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Lilly Ghalichi Spotted Kissing Estranged Husband

Publicity stunt much?

Although Lilly Ghalichi’s husband Dara Mir filed for divorce a few weeks ago, the two were spotted sharing a passionate kiss at their daughter’s 1st birthday party.

In some juicy pics obtained by TMZ, the estranged couple were captured having a smooch, so either Lilly leaked the photo herself or one of her "friends" at the party sent it to the press. Either way, she doesn’t seem too bothered about it.

Eyewitnesses also told the outlet Lilly and Dara were wearing their wedding rings during the party and "looked very much like a happy couple." So, they still kiss and wear their wedding rings but are getting a divorce? That makes sense.

Following the release of the photos, Us Weekly contacted the reality star turned beauty mogul and she explained why she doesn't believe it's weird for the two to be affectionate at their daughter's birthday party. Lilly said:

“It’s not like anything atrocious has happened between us that would result in us not being able to be friends or not being able to coparent or whatever the future may hold for us. I think when two people are married there is that really deep connection and deep level of love at some point that brought them to that point that got them to get married and make vows to each other.”

When asked about the possibility of the pair getting back together, Lilly said "never say never" which is the thing every reality TV couple says when they're trying to gain attention around their split. Either get a divorce or stay married, it's really not that hard.

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She also expressed her desire to have more children, which would be a lot easier with Dara still in the picture. She explained:

“Never say never! We’re like anyone else, you never know what the future holds. We’re just taking it one day at a time! I’m having more kids 1,000 percent. Becoming a mother has been the most life-changing experience in my life for the better! I’ve never experienced anything harder or more difficult, but at the same time, never something as rewarding as seeing your baby, your flesh and blood. … I definitely want more children with or without a man.”

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