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A Roundup Of Meghan King Edmonds & Jim Edmonds Divorce And Cheating Drama

Who would've expected this level of mess from the Edmonds?

I was completely MIA over the weekend due to the disgusting Halloween brawl which took place at my house party, so I couldn't cover everything going on with Meghan King Edmonds and her pig of a husband Jim Edmonds. Can we just cut out the "Edmonds" from Meghan's name and call her Meghan King O'Toole? Surely, we all remember that Ireland trip.

Before we dive into everything, I'd like to thank all of you for reaching out via Instagram over the horrible events that transpired at my house over the weekend. For everyone with questions and concerns over the gross displays of humanity which took place, I have an article dropping later this week breaking down what happened.

On October 25th, Us Weekly broke the news that Jim filed for divorce from Meghan after five years of marriage, the day after their wedding anniversary. Talk about shade. This is only months after Jim was caught in a sexting scandal.

According to the outlet's sources, the police were called to their home hours before Jim filed for divorce after Meghan and him got into a fight where she "interrogated" him about who we went to a hockey game with. We now know he went with their nanny, who Meghan has since accused him of having an affair with.

The insiders stated:

“Meghan and Jim have been fighting. The latest fight began when he went to a recent hockey game and she began interrogating him about who he went with. The nanny is someone who has worked for them for years and is like family. During the argument, Meghan called the cops, but nothing came of it. Jim didn’t put his hands on her. The police chalked it up to a verbal dispute. No arrests were made.”

Fans also spotted Jim and the nanny at the hockey game together, so we definitely have evidence.

This has been a week of Housewives predictions coming true. Caroline Manzo predicted Teresa Giudice's husband would go to prison, she'd divorce him, write a book and teach her daughters how to be independent which has all happened (except the divorce... technically) and Vicki Gunvalson said Meghan and Jim would be divorced within five years... Well, look what happened.

Another fellow Housewife, Kelly Dodd also threw her hat in the ring and threw shade at Meghan's marriage. Although she's right, this really isn't the time to be saying "I told you so" to a mother of three young children with an estranged, cheating husband.

Following Meghan accusing her husband of cheating with the nanny, she attended a Baby Shark Live concert with her children while Jim went to their St. Louis home to pick up some clothes. When he arrived at the home, Us Weekly reports that Meghan's mother decided to call the police on him, however, when they got there the cops found it was Jim's house and actually asked her mom to leave the property. Sources explained:

“Jim just went to his house to get his clothes out of his house while Meghan took the kids to an event and Meghan’s mom was there. She called the police. The cops showed up and asked them what was going on. Jim said it was his house and he was getting his clothes as they told him to, when Meghan wasn’t there.”

Since then, Jim and the nanny (AKA his alleged mistress) have come forward to deny the affair on Instagram, with Jim even calling his estranged wife a narcissist on social media.

However, some online sleuths managed to find a birthday message Jim posted for the nanny a few months ago which included SEVERAL photos. Is this normal for the husband to give his nanny a birthday shoutout and take her to hockey games?

On top of all of this, Jim's ex-wife AND his daughter Hayley have also spoken out about their hatred for Meghan and said they are thrilled the couple are no longer together. How are they demonizing Meghan in this situation? She's not the cheating piece of shit. His ex-wife Allison posted:

In a statement to Us Weekly, his daughter Hayley also said:

“I’ve been waiting for it. For probably … three years? I think it’s impossible to be happy with someone so … I don’t know if I would say narcissistic but, she, like, creates her own problems and loves conflict and things like that. The selfishness is miserable for anyone to be around, let alone to be married to her. My whole family has grown closer because we have all had to stay silent in hopes to protect my dad and no one can do it anymore.”

She continued to say Meghan pushed her to film for The Real Housewives of Orange County and even said the former Housewife hated Jim's mother so much that she blocked her on Instagram. This situation is soooo deep and dark on so many levels. Hayley stated:

“I will say I didn’t look the best when I was on the show, but I got so much scrutiny from the way that she portrayed me like I was stupid and I didn’t care about anything. In reality, like, I dropped out of high school to take care of my sick mother and she came in and completely manipulated me to get on the show and told me I was making it harder on my mom to be there and I was giving her anxiety and I needed to live with Meghan and give my mom less stress.

I have a good relationship with Allison and her husband, my sister and I both do. The way Meghan treats my dad’s mom is disgusting. And we’ve all just had to sit quietly and I’m just done with it. It’s a bummer. Because my grandma just wants to see pictures of her grandkids and she had to get them sent to her every day. It just really bummed her out. That really sucks.”

I'm not sure if Jim fucked the nanny. I really don't know. But I think they both wanted out of the marriage and Meghan had lost so much trust at that point, given the sexting scandal, that she was suspicious of him hanging out with anyone with a vagina, and he obviously didn't respect her enough to even tell her he was taking the nanny/mistress to the hockey game. This is such a fucking mess and I don't see it dying down anytime soon...

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