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Tamra Judge Says She Has Proof Emily Simpson Was Digging Up Dirt On Gina Kirschenheiter

The OC Housewives always know how to give us some Twitter tea.

This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has featured Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter’s friendship fall apart in front of our eyes, however, thanks to an unlikely source we finally have a clearer idea of why they can’t get back together.

On Twitter, a fan asked why Gina would assume her former bestie would try to hurt or embarrass her on TV and it didn’t take long for Tamra “THAT’S MY OPINION” Judge to clap back over the matter.

The long-standing Housewife stated Emily is trying to embarrass Gina and Tamra claimed she has messages to prove Emily was trying to dig around and find dirt on her BFF at the time - which is the reason “no one” wants anything to do with her.


Through a shady Twitter exchange, Tamra not only revealed she has receipts proving Emily was digging around for gossip she could use on Gina, but she also said she’d rather be a “strong survivor” than a person who plays the victim like Emily.

The fan account that instigated the Twitter thread then slid into Emily’s DMs to send her the screenshots of Tamra’s tweets, as Emily is currently blocked by her, and the sophomore Housewife claimed the “receipts” Tamra has on her are from years before she knew Gina.

According to Emily, a fan told her via Instagram DM that Gina’s husband Matt was having an affair and Emily said she’d “put the information in her back pocket.” Emily also stated she told Gina about the messages off-camera.

Why would Emily even be talking about Gina to a fan before they were friends? That doesn’t make sense? They only met when they were both cast on the show together, so Emily wouldn’t have even known who she was. Why would someone randomly be telling her Gina’s husband was having an affair at that time?

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Also, if it was two years ago NO ONE would’ve known who Gina was, so obviously it was a reliable source if they knew Matt was cheating. Emily’s side of the story doesn’t make sense at all. They would both have had to be cast on the show at the time for Emily to even know Gina, so we need some further explaining to happen...

Let’s just hope these behind this scenes Instagram drama makes its way onto the show before the end of the season, or Tamra will have to turn up to the reunion with her manila folder full of receipts!

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