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David Beador's Girlfriend Shades Shannon Beador's Boyfriend

This is a complete mess.

Following David Beador and his new girlfriend Lesley Cook stripping down and posting naked photos of each other on Instagram (only press this link to check out the images if you have a strong gag reflex), now David's new girlfriend is staying in the headlines by shading his ex-wife's new boyfriend. I know that sentence is more confusing than trigonometry, so let me walk you through it.

After Lesley's nudes were deleted from Instagram, she took to her story with a screenshot of her viewers and some eye emojis, to show the world Shannon Beador's new boyfriend John Janssen was looking at her story.

First of all, who gives a fuck? Shannon's boyfriend probably had a look at her account after her nude photos went all over Instagram, like a lot of people did, so whatever she's insinuating is bullshit.

Pictured above: David and Lesley

Maybe Shannon was stalking her account through her boyfriend's Instagram? Who the fuck knows and Lesley pointing that out is just childish and sad. David and Lesley need to go back to whatever hole they crawled out of because those naked photos of them making out in an Italian forest was literally one of the worst things I've ever seen. Anybody who saw those photos needs serious therapy ASAP.

Pictured above: Shannon and John

Lesley going after her boyfriend's ex-wife's new boyfriend is just messy and it's going to make co-parenting a whole lot messier. I just feel sorry for Shannon's daughter's who have to deal with seeing their dad's naked ass on Instagram. I wouldn't go to school for a month if my father was practically having sex on social media...

Following Lesley attempting to shade Shannon's boyfriend, The Real Housewives of Orange County star's friend and cast member, Tamra Judge, took to Instagram throwing shade at David's naked photos. Tamra posted a photo of her and Shannon dressed as streakers at their 70s party from season 11, and captioned the post saying she and Shannon should recreate that "thirsty pic from Italy."

That's how you know Tamra's a good friend. Shannon obviously can't shade the father of her children on Instagram without starting a war with the beady-eyed fuck, so her best friend stepped in to do it for her. David and his bimbo can choke.

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