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Why Southern Charm Season 7 Has Been Delayed After Bravo Scraps Footage

Season 7 is already a complete mess.

A few weeks ago rumors started swirling that Southern Charm may have been canceled ahead of their seventh season, however, sources are now confirming the show is coming back but filming has been delayed, and we have a little insight into why cameras haven't started rolling in Charleston just yet.

Normally, the cast films from September to November but according to FIT News, there are a "number of cast issues" which has caused producers to delay filming of the show until mid-January 2020. One of the main issues is Shep Rose after he continuously referred to his female cast members as "white trash" during season six and posted a video making fun of a homeless woman for collecting cans on the street.

Obviously, fans of the show were furious with Shep for his elitist attitude, which is one of the reasons producers pushed filming back. Each reality show has a "cooling off" period between the reunion and filming the new season, and Shep's stupid video caused the production company to extend the "cooling off" period after how much he pissed off fans.

Craig Conover's Adderall addiction and the on-again, off-again relationship between Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy were also reasons they wanted to leave more time before shooting the next season to clean up these messes and allow time for the dust to settle.

The outlet is also alleging that Thomas Ravenel is trying to return to the Bravo series for a "redemption storyline" after he was charged and found guilty of sexually assaulting his children's nanny. Considering T-Rape is currently helping the nanny he sexually assaulted sue the network as apart of his settlement, I doubt we'll ever see him on Bravo again.

The politician turned reality star turned felon has also tweeted A BUNCH of bullshit about the show, saying it was a mistake, so I wouldn't count on them ever allowing him on camera again. Does anyone even want to see his rat face on their TV screens? I think not. Why would Bravo even want to rehire a convicted rapist?

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On top of the producers pushing back filming to extend the cooling-off period due to all the cast's problems, Tamara Tattles also reported that the production company hired two new cast members for season seven. However Bravo apparently scraped FOUR WEEKS of footage after they saw a cut of what had been filmed for the new season. The outlet claims network executives fired the two newbies and told the producers to start from scratch, which would make sense why they delayed filming until January.

Although this show is plagued with behind the scenes issues, at least we now know it's definitely coming back, even if it is late. Let's just hope season seven is more exciting and entertaining than what they gave us this year.

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