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Brandi Glanville & Camille Grammer Feud Over Their Run In At Kyle Richards' Party

There's more drama on Twitter than there was at that party.

Following Camille Grammer confirming she would be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after the lack of drama on the show, she attended Kyle Richards' fundraiser for the LA children's hospital along with a flurry of other former diamond holders including Brandi Glanville, Kim Richards, Eileen Davidson, and Adrienne Maloof. And now, Brandi is speaking out about what went down at the on-camera party.

The unfiltered blonde took to Twitter saying it's funny how Camille is a keyboard warrior on social media when in real life she was telling people at Kyle's party that she was scared of Brandi and avoided her the entire night. So basically Brandi is saying Camille is brave when she's on her phone, but can't face the music in real life.

Of course, Camille clapped back to the former Housewife denying that she ever told anyone at the party she was scared of Brandi. Season One Camille didn't stop there, no no. Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife said Brandi is using their "beef" to get back on the show, which is stupid considering she's barely featured this season. That ladies and gentlemen, is shade.

It didn't stop there. Brandi replied to a fan telling them she likes Camille but she wants to address why she randomly threw her under the bus on Twitter. Their feud started after Brandi sounded off on Camille's two-faced behavior during season nine of the show, and I guess Camille clapped back, as she does.

Although she didn't manage to have a conversation with Camille at the event, Brandi informed the world that she did speak to Adrienne Maloof, adding that she adores her. Who would've thought "adore" would ever come out of Brandi's mouth when describing Adrienne after she practically ran her off the show with that surrogate storyline.

Speaking of the Maloof Hoof, she spoke to Us Weekly recently and told the outlet she has no interest in returning to the show full-time but is happy popping up with cameos every now and again. Adrienne explained:

“Cameos, yes. But to go full-time, it’s a full-time job and I’m still raising three boys. I see them [the RHOBH] on and off at events. I’m busy with my own children, but you know, I think I have a respect for any of them to do reality television It’s not easy. We keep in touch. I’m going to New York for BravoCon.”

Out of all the ex-Housewives they invited to BravoCon, why the fuck would they chose Adrienne? Nothing against her but we need someone who is going to throw some shade and spill the tea.

I'd rather watch a Brandi vs Camille feud than whatever dumb drama the producers are going to try and shove down our throats on the upcoming season. Can they just stop fucking around and give Brandi her diamond back?!

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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