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LeeAnne Locken's Wedding Planner & Kary Brittingham Feud Over Food At LeeAnne's Wedding

Can you imagine attending a wedding and finding things to complain about the entire time?

Last Wednesday LeeAnne Locken's wedding finally aired on The Real Housewives of Dallas and instead of talking about her dress, our the couple's vows, the only thing anyone could discuss was the lack of food at her wedding reception. The main culprit of the shit talking was the new bitch on the block: Kary Brittingham.

After seeing D'Andra Simmons' puppet complain about the lack of food at the carny's wedding, LeeAnne's over the top wedding planner, Steve Kemble decided to chime in and throw same shade at the Mexican cast member.

Steve tweeted saying since Kary claimed there was no food at the wedding he would help her experience the "fabulousness" of the reception by attaching a THIRSTY video of him showing a cardboard cutout of Kary where the food was located on a map of the reception.

I'm always #TeamLeeAnne but that was thirsty for her wedding planner to go to the lengths of printing out a photo of Kary, sticking a stick to her back and filming himself showing her around the wedding. Really Steve, really?

That wasn't all, Steve also posted a screenshot of a photo he posted the day after the wedding of the 650 cupcakes at the reception, which Kary commented on saying "how did I missed this?" I know English isn't this girl's first language, but everyone has autocorrect.

Steve also took the next step in his tweet suggesting, maybe Kary didn't see the cupcakes because she was too drunk.

Kary sucks and her constantly shading LeeAnne's wedding is more boring and redundant than her place on the show, however, cupcakes don't really equal food. Of course, Kary decided to clap back to Steve's tweets and the thirstiest Housewife in Dallas didn't hold back, telling him to lick LeeAnne's asshole and never talk to her again or she'll go Mexican on his ass.

Is Kary really pulling a Taylor Armstrong threatening to go Oklahoma on Kim Richards ass? She could at least come up with some original insults.

It didn't stop there. Steve, of course, decided to retaliate again in a SERIES of tweets, telling Bravo they brought on a real "class act" to the franchise, and elaborated saying there's no place in Dallas for bullying, rudeness, meanness, threats, cruelty, hate speech and race baiting, so I guess Kary's tweet hit a nerve.

This is quite possibly the most stupid Housewives Twitter feud I've ever seen, but I'm sure it will come up at the reunion. Kary is annoying as fuck and Steve the wedding planner is way too thirsty, but ultimately I have to side with LeeAnne mother fucking Locken.

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