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LeeAnne Locken's Husband Accuses Kary Brittingham Of Being Homophobic

The accusations continue.

Following the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas where LeeAnne Locken made racially insensitive comments about her costar Kary Brittingham, fans went wild online accusing the resident carny of being racist.

After the backlash, LeeAnne's husband Rich Emberlin decided to defend his wife on Twitter, by accusing her Mexican costar of being homophobic.

Rich tweeted a screenshot of Kary's fight with LeeAnne's wedding planner, who is gay, calling her an "unhinged homophobe" claiming he has heard more from Kary than anyone than imagine. So according to Rich, it seems Kary allegedly made homophobic comments behind the scenes while filming the reality show.

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LeeAnne's husband added he has a high tolerance for ignorant people, however, he claims Kary pushes a reasonable person to question her social IQ. Wow, Rich really didn't hold back. Following his rant, he attached comments Kary made, telling LeeAnne's gay wedding planner to lick LeeAnne's ass, because that's what he's good at.

Kary also threatened to "go Mexican" on the wedding planner. LeeAnne's comments obviously weren't okay, however, if she refers to herself as Mexican, then the carny saying "I thought you were all Mexican and strong" on the latest episode, kind of makes sense.

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